'Destiny' game news: Bungie explains new 'Refer-a-Friend' reward system


As previously promised, game developer Bungie shared details regarding the new rewards system for their hit shooter game “Destiny” called the “Refer-a-Friend” program.

The Refer-a-Friend program allows old players of “Destiny: The Taken King” to gain exclusive rewards by bringing in new players to the game. The program distinguishes players in two groupsthe Veterans and the Referees. The Veterans are players who have been playing “Destiny: The Taken King” and have already installed Update 2.0.2. On the other hand, the Referees are the first-time players of the game, or those who do not even own a copy of the game yet. The Refer-a-Friend program is only available to players on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

For Veteran players, a referral link can be created to have the new playerthe Refereelinked to them once they start playing the game.

To create a link, the Veteran player must log in to their Bungie.net account and go to the Refer-a-Friend tab. There, they can create a unique referral link for the corresponding console of the Referee. Once sent, the request will be put under the “Pending Referrals” section. Once accepted by the Referee, the quest “A Tale of Two Guardians” will be unlocked and made available from the Speaker in the Tower.

Aside from the exclusive quest that can be unlocked, linked players through the Refer-a-friend program will also be eligible to earn exclusive in-game rewards including three new Legendary swords.

In last week’s the Bungie Weekly Update, it was announced that more Exotics will be coming to the game for the December update. Two new Exotics that are exclusive to “Year Two” will be added to the game. Exotics coming from “Destiny Year One” will also be brought back with an upgrade to keep up with Level 40 characters in the game. While no specifics were given, players are encouraged to keep a close eye on the returning Exotics, as they might have “some new surprises tucked away in their talent trees.”

The Exotics coming with the update can be found where they normally are. They can also be purchases from the Kiosk by those who have unlocked the ability to obtain Exotics via marks.