'Destiny' update: December update brings more Exotics, 'Refer-a-Friend' rolls out Nov. 23


Bungie’s hit shooter game “Destiny” is set to get another new update, following the recently released November patch update 2.0.2. For the December update, one of the new things coming to the game is the addition of new and more Exotics.

As revealed via Bungie Weekly Update, more Exotics will be coming to the game as part of the upcoming December update. Fans and players can expect two new Exotics that are exclusive to Year Two of “Destiny.” Others, on the other hand, will be Exotics coming from “Destiny” Year One. However, they will be upgraded to keep up with Level 40 characters in the game. No possible changes coming were hinted, but players should keep a close eye on those Exotics as there could very well be “some new surprises tucked away in their talent trees.”

The Exotics coming with the update can be found where they normally drop. Likewise, they can be bought at the Kiosk by players who have unlocked the ability to obtain Exotics via marks in the game.

True to their promise that upcoming “improved” Exotics will be teased via their Instagram feed, Bungie did reveal a number of Exotics including Year One favorites making their returnnow in an improved version.

The most recent one to be revealed is the Exotic Hunter Leg Armor Bones of Eao. Also teased are the Year One favorites Exotic Sniper Rifle Hard Light, the Exotic Machine Gun Super God Advice, the Exotic Scout Rifle Mid Multi Tool, Exotic Rocket Launcher Dragon’s Breath, the Exotic Hunter Leg Armor Radiant Dance Machines, and many more.

Teased in the previous updates, Bungie also shared some new informationif not very littleregarding their new in-game rewards program called “Refer-a-Friend.” Active players of the game will be automatically considered as Veterans, while new players who will be getting into the world of “Destiny” for the first time will be called the Referral candidates. More information about the program will be revealed, as it is set to launch on Monday, Nov. 23.