"Destiny" December update: Tweaks to Titans, improved weapons, new emotes expected to arrive this week


The upcoming big update from Bungie for their widely popular video game franchise “Destiny” is expected to bring tweaks for the Titans, new class and balancing of weapons that include some exotic ones, and new emotes.

According to the latest post on their official blog, Bungie Senior Design Lead Sage Merill outlined the changes beginning with extending the Titan Melee range from 4m to 4.5m, a gain of 12.5 percent. The Catapult Lift will also have a small increase in its initial velocity, making it competitive with other Lift choices.

Merill also revealed that although the Titan Sunbreakers have a high Kill/Death ratio of about 1.06, other sub-classes such as Defender and Striker have lower values compared to other Guardians. Merill said that it is okay with the former as they are intended to be primarily a support class, but the latter has to come up a bit.

Meanwhile, Defenders will also receive their Grenade and Charged Melee on Super back to make them a force to be reckoned with when used correctly.

Moreover, Sunbreaker’s Hammer of Sol will have reduced damage resistance and slower travel speed; the Forgemaster will have lower Splash damage detonation radius multiplier; the Flameseeker has a turn down Hammer tracking bonus, removal of +1 recovery and +1 agility stat bonus; Fleetfire receives +1 agility, firekeeper with +1 recovery; and Cauterize has an added cooldown of three seconds.

On the other hand, The Striker’s upgrade includes Storm Fist having an increased base damage making it faster to recharge and discharge as the AOE is changed to spherical shape; total of +2 armor, increased damage resistance and improved shield health. The Juggernaut now also works when airborne.

When it comes to weapons, the patch brings changes to auto rifles, pulse rifles, hand cannons, shotguns, fusion rifles, and sniper rifles. The exotic kind will be fine-tuned with automatic refilling of the First Curse when activated, 1.2x the damage from Hawkmoon, increased precision damage for the Chaperone, removal of extended mag perk for Fabian Strategy, replacement of scope upgrades to Barrel for Black Spindle, and maximum inventory ammo from seven to nine for Sleeper Stimulant.

The new emotes are teased to have 14 new features such as Victory Wave, Air Guitar, Jump On It, Bow Down, Jazz Hands, Face Palm, Laugh, Coin Flip, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, Clap, Sad, Yawn, and Frustrated.

“Destiny’s” December update is expected to be released sometime this week.