'Destiny 2' updates: Title will not come in 2016


There are rumors and speculations that “Destiny 2” will be delayed due to several issues faced by game developer Bungie.

According to News4c, the developers are not working on the sequel of the title as their resources are tied to working on improvements in the multiplayer mode of the current “Destiny” games.

The current set up has already ensured that matches for the game will be based on skill. However, the same report indicated that the developers will also consider the speed of the Internet connection of the participants, as the disparity of the connection speed plays a huge factor whether the game will run smoothly or not.

The report said that when there are participants that have slower Internet connection than others, their characters in the “Destiny” game will simply move an inch on the screen, while the rest are already running.

Meanwhile, Kotaku also noted that “Destiny 2” will not be launched this year, but it is pointing out to a different reason, specifically the developer’s lack of vision on the upcoming title. It expressed how Bungie has a clear roadmap for the first installment of “Destiny” including the timelines for its DLCs compared to the anticipated sequel.

The same report highlighted that Bungie is unclear on the direction that it plans to take moving forward, based on the conversation it claimed to have with people who are familiar with the studio’s plans. It even gave examples such as the micro transactions introduced in October that included level boosters, after initially communicating that it will focus only on the cosmetic side.

The report even highlighted the dilemma of Bungie’s leadership on which contents they will include in the DLC for the existing game or save for “Destiny 2.” To further prove its point, it indicated that there are people from the studio who are not aware of the delays in “Destiny 2.”

No release date has been specified or speculated for the title’s sequel.