'Destiny 2' release date, news: sequel could feature completely different gameplay


Game developer Bungie always knew that a sequel to the 2014 online-only first-person shooter video game “Destiny” was a sure thing, thanks primarily to the game’s “Halo” franchise lineage and the positive feedback towards its competitive nature. The company eventually confirmed back in February that “Destiny 2” is happening and it’ll be released in 2017.

But what’s even better news is the prospect that the upcoming game could very well be extended for a PC version, too. The rumor first came from the NeoGAF forum, in which a user with the handle “benny_a” claimed that the game is indeed being developed for PC. For those who aren’t aware, “Destiny” was released exclusively for game consoles namely the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. There was a significant clamor for a PC version but none came.

On the other hand, a previous report from Forbes talked about the potential of the game becoming an entirely new installment, suggesting that it might deviate from the previous gameplay and storyline. Therefore, gamers can expect brand-new classes and subclasses of Guardians. If this really is the case, it only means Bungie may have figured out it was time to offer something new, probably in the fear that the previous concept of the game may no longer be seen as fresh and inviting.

According to Christian Times, the fact that Bungie recently released the latest downloadable content (DLC) for “Destiny” only means that the people involved in building the new game will now have undivided attention in speeding up the development.

And at this point, it isn’t clear what role publisher Activision will play in terms of the new storyline or concept in the game. Reports have it though that the company has enlisted the help of its own game studio, Vicarious Visions to work with Bungie.