'Destiny 2' release date: Bungie announces 'Rise of Iron' DLC, could sequel be next?


With the latest expansion for Bungie’s online first person shooter video game “Destiny” officially revealed, rumors and speculations currently abound about what might be the next major announcement from the developer regarding the budding franchise.

After months of rumors and speculations, Bungie has finally confirmed that the expansion pack for “Destiny” will indeed be the previously leaked “Rise of Iron.” Bungie announced the pack through a reveal trailer on the game’s official YouTube channel, alongside posting the official details on the game’s website.

The reveal came after a dry spell for any major content update to the game, which lasted for months. “Destiny: Rise of Iron” will be the game’s third and final expansion pack, after 2014’s “The Dark Below” and last year’s “The Taken King.” Afther the major post-release content for the game, many speculate that the next big thing for the “Destiny” title could be an announcement for the sequel, which is currently planned for a release sometime next year.

Bungie announced earlier this year that the “Destiny” development team was “focused on delivering a large expansion later this year, and a full ‘Destiny’ sequel in 2017.” That large expansion is “Destiny: Rise of Iron,” which is slated to come on Sept. 20, which leaves the sequel as the next milestone in the title’s timeline.

Interestingly, the “Destiny: Rise of Iron” expansion pack will release precisely two years after the base game’s official launch back in 2014. The choice of releasing the final expansion on the game’s anniversary suggests that Bungie is gearing up for some major developments in its current project, which could mean that the sequel could come at a similar date to give the players time to properly settle with the expansion’s content.

For the expansion itself, “Destiny: Rise of Iron” will take players to the new location of The Plaguelands. There, players will face a new faction of the Fallen Devils, the Splicers, and will act under the command of the last Lord of Iron, Lord Saladin. Aside from the new area and enemies, the expansion will also bring a new raid, a host of new weapons and armors, and a new storyline that might possibly function as a lead-in to the sequel.

“Destiny: Rise of Iron” will release on Sept. 20.