'Destiny 2' release date 2017; 'Taken King' creative director Luke Smith leads development of sequel


It looks like “Destiny 2” will be hitting the shelves in 2017 after all.

The game’s 2017 release date was confirmed by Reddit user Mercules904 when he discovered it while reading an article about “Destiny’s” downloadable content pack “Rise of Iron” in Edge magazine.

According to the article, Bungie wanted to release the game this year. However, it was somehow delayed, so they decided to move the release date to 2017. The article also revealed that “Destiny: The Taken King” creative director Luke Smith would be leading the project.

Reports suggest that fans will be happy with Smith on board since many players enjoy his work on “The Taken King” expansion, as well as the “Vault of Glass” raid in the first game.

Smith’s involvement with the sequel was not a surprise for fans since Kotaku reported a few months back that he would be working on it after a staff reorganization in Bungie. The Kotaku article also mentioned that the company decided to move the release date to 2017.

Sources are saying that this move on the release date is a smart move for Bungie.

Bungie rushed the release of the first game before it was even ready, and there were bugs and glitches in the game that needed patches to fix. Delaying the game means more time to develop and polish it. Bungie clearly learned from their mistakes, and they do not want to release another game too early.

There are rumors suggesting that “Destiny 2” will be called “Beyond Destiny” or “The Shattered Suns.” Of course, these are just speculations, so fans will have to wait for the official announcement from Bungie to know the date of release and the name of the sequel.

While waiting for “Destiny 2,” fans can check out the “Rise of Iron” expansion, which will launch on Sept. 20.