'Destiny 2' release date, latest news: sequel could feature all-new characters


Bungie and Activision’s online-only first-person shooter video game, “Destiny” has long been rumored to have a sequel after its release two years ago. But up until now, there’s been very little information about the upcoming game, other than the fact that its developer has already confirmed it.

However, rumors about what could be offered in the upcoming game are still floating around even though there are no official details. One of the most popular speculations is that instead of retaining the original characters, “Destiny 2” could potentially introduce new players and characters.

Forbes said in a report several weeks back that while most other online multiplayer game sequels let their players import old game data from previous titles to the new one, this won’t be the case for “Destiny 2” for the obvious reason that the old characters in the first installation will no longer be appearing in the new one.

Christian Today notes that the rumored plan by Bungie makes a lot of sense considering that if a sequel is indeed made, it needs to be a fresh one, devoid of all major and minor updates and downloadable content that its predecessor already features. The publication added that the latest “Rise of Iron” DLC even offers a whole new set of content and storyline.

But if the characters, DLCs, and the storyline of “Destiny” are left behind and won’t be incorporated in “Destiny 2,” it means that the upcoming game will be more like a fresh install, giving every player out there the chance to be equal with everyone else. There no longer will be veteran characters and high-level ones. Everyone essentially will start from scratch.

Well, there are so many prospects and possible add-ons that Bungie can put in the upcoming sequel without compromising its massive popularity. The only question that remains is when will an official announcement be made?