'Destiny 2' release date news: reboot instead of a sequel?


“Destiny 2” was expected to be released at around 2016, but it has been moved to 2017. There are rumors that the sequel to the “Destiny” franchise will be a reboot.

The first game, “Destiny,” was released back in 2014 and it gained positive reception from the gaming community. In the game, the players have the opportunity to take the mantle in defending Earth’s last haven. Furthermore, they are faced with foes that are extraterrestrial and they have can defeat them by wielding the power of the Light.

It is still not sure how the second installment will come out if it would be rebooted. Fans are also wondering if the story of the game would have a restart button. The reason behind the reboot may be because of the staff reorganization that the developers, Bungie, are experiencing. Moreover, the person who will spearhead the project is Luke Smith. He was the director of one of the expansions of the game, “Destiny: The Taken King.”

Originally, “Destiny 2” was already announced during an earnings report meeting of the investors which was held by Activision Blizzard. It is also said that it would be entitled “Beyond Destiny,” and that it would be launched on Nintendo’s new gaming console, Nintendo NX, that is yet to be released.

Aside from the news that the game may be rebooted, the new expansion of “Destiny” already has a title called “Rise of Iron.” The information has been circulating online due to the photos that were leaked on Reddit as reported by Kotaku.

The past two expansions showed that “Destiny” could offer more possibilities for the game. Even though the past two expansions that were released during the past two years was already massive, there are speculations that the upcoming “Rise of Iron” will offer a more expansive world.

There is no exact date yet with the release of “Destiny 2,” but it is slated for a 2017 release.