‘Destiny 2’ news: Project lead confirms changes in weapons, enemies, and more

Destiny 2
A promotional image for the "Destiny 2" video game. (Facebook/DestinyTheGame)

After revealing the latest cinematic trailer for “Destiny 2” last week, the developers also confirmed huge changes happening.

In an interview with Gamespot during the E3 event last weekend, project lead Mark Noseworthy shared new details that fans should brace for. He confirmed that they applied some big changes affecting some of the game’s key aspects. These include factors like weapons, enemies, and matchmaking.

The game exec detailed the changes applied on the weapon categories for the “Destiny” sequel. “Both the Energy slot and the Kinetic slot pull from the same archetypes, so it’s not the same weapon–there’ll be Solar Scout Rifle [for example],” explained Noseworthy. “That’s an Energy weapon, and it’ll have a sweet name and do certain things. But then you can have another Scout Rifle in your Kinetic slot. But it’s a Kinetic Scout Rifle, with a different name,” he added.

He also noted that the Kinetic rifle would be enough to inflict damage on regular enemies. On the other hand, the Energy Scout Rifle will be perfect for shielded targets.

When it comes to the enemies, fans can expect new combatants. Noseworthy, however, clarified that they are not yet ready to reveal the changes for Hive, the Vex, and the Fallen. “The Cabal Red Legion [is] where we’ve spent a bunch of the time, they’re the primary antagonists in the campaign of the Red War,” he shared.

Furthermore, he also confirmed that two important systems will be featured in the upcoming game. First, there will be clans, where players can create and join groups that will have their own respective identities. Second is the Guided Games, which allows all players to play “the highest challenge of competitive content.”

“Destiny 2’s” will officially be released on Sept. 6. This is two days earlier than the previously announced date. Fans can play the games Beta on the PlayStation 4 starting on July 18 and on Xbox One on July 19. The Beta on the consoles will both end on July 23, according to a report from The Verge.