'Destiny 2' news: Analyst predicts series of expansion packs in 2016 for 'Destiny'


As projected by an industry gaming analyst, it appears that Bungie and Activision may be releasing a series of expansion packs for “Destiny” before they move on to the next chapter in the seriesthe release of the highly anticipated “Destiny 2.”

In a recent interview with Gaming Bolt, gaming industry analyst Michael Pachter discussed the possibility that players of the original “Destiny” will get a barrage of new expansion packs before the sequel game to it comes to them.

“I think if Bungie hopes to keep the franchise vibrant up until ‘Destiny 2,’ they need content to drop at least every six months. So, I think the sooner they get this large one out, the better. I think it’s called a large one because I imagine the original plan was to have a ‘mega’ one out by now, and they couldn’t get enough content into it in order to get it out soon enough,” Pachter explained.

With that, Pachter expects Bungie to release a series of expansion for “Destiny”big and small ones alikethroughout the remaining part of the year.

“And instead of holding off until August or September and releasing a $40 pack, it seems like they’ll release a $30 pack by E3, and that’s what happens,” Pachter continued. “We don’t have a date yet, though. And I think they’ll generate another expansion pack in the Fall- probably a regular, $20 one. Which is the content that they couldn’t pack into this one. And then I’m hopeful that they launch another one in Spring 2017, and then ‘Destiny 2’ launches Fall 2017. They haven’t given a date yet, but Activision did say that ‘Destiny 2’ is a 2017 event.”

Additionally, the analyst believes that it is very unlikely that Bungie and Activision would take the opportunity to announce “Destiny 2” on E3 2016, primarily because Activision does not have a booth at the event. Moreover, Bungie and Activision would not want players shelving the original “Destiny” game should they start to know about the upcoming “Destiny 2.”

Pachter believed that the game companies would take advantage of the time remaining before “Destiny 2” releases to earn as much as possible from “Destiny” through the constant releases of new content.