‘Destiny 2’ latest news: Game projected to sell millions of copies in first 3 months after release

Destiny 2
A promotional image for the "Destiny 2" video game. (Facebook/DestinyTheGame)

The anticipation for the arrival of the “Destiny” franchise on PC is at an all-time high. Apart from that, a research firm believes it will translate into gigantic numbers in terms of sales.

According to data released by SuperData Research, “Destiny 2” could hit the 3 million mark in units sold. The figure is projected to be for the first three months after release. Moreover, the firm, which specializes in marketing intelligence for the digital games industry, said numbers could reach somewhere between four to five million if the count includes console version sales.

The firm “evaluated the performance of Destiny 1 on console and how it compared to other AAA titles that launched during the same time period. The forecast also takes into account the expected early September launch date of the title, the impact of a Battlenet release on PC and macro-level digital download trends.”

With this projection, many expect the game to reach the same status as “Overwatch,” a game by Blizzard. The latter is dubbed as the “best-selling premium PC game.”

To get a fair and accurate projection, SuperData employs “a quantitative analysis of historical sell-through” of more than 500 games. They also consider the historical performance of the franchise, its genre, publisher, and sales performance of its other titles. Also in play are the critics’ reviews and the total number of monthly active users.

Meanwhile, a report from Gamespot noted that the upcoming sequel to “Destiny” will bring new changes to the table. It will feature a new Raid that is something that developer Bungie has never done before. In addition, it will also showcase more beefed-up storylines, as well as an evolving social space.

Last week, Sony also announced via the PlayStation Blog that it will release a PlayStation 4 Pro–”Destiny 2″ bundle. The package includes a new PS4 Pro in Glacier White and “Destiny 2” on Blu-ray Disc.

The PS4 Pro–”Destiny 2″ bundle will launch on Sept. 6. On the other hand, the game’s PC version will come out on Oct. 24.