'Destiny 2' game news: Osiris to be introduced in the game sequel?


Fans of the “Destiny” game are smiling ear to ear these days after it has been announced that the game is getting a large expansion pack to be released within the year. As if that piece of good news were not enough, it has also been confirmed that a sequel to “Destiny” will be released by 2017. The said sequel will reportedly be known as “Destiny: The Shattered Suns.”

There are various speculations surrounding the sequel, one of which is that it will mark the debut of a new character in the game, Osiris, who is a lost warlock.

Games Radar opined that in the event that the rumor about Osiris being part of the game is true, this corroborates other speculations that players were originally meant to visit Mercury in the first “Destiny” game. If the game will, indeed, be set in Mercury in the sequel, the Guardians will finally be able to explore the planet outside of their PVP maps.

It was also reported that originally, it was planned that players of the “Destiny” games could carry over their characters and progress on the game throughout the series. “Destiny’s” lead engineer has allegedly said that a player’s Guardian will always be there throughout the ten-year life of the series. Hence, it is widely believed that character transfers will finally happen in “Destiny 2”

While these pieces of information about “Destiny 2” are nothing short of awesome, fans should not overwhelm themselves with excitement as everything about how the game will pan out is just a speculation at this point in time. Even the much awaited unveiling of “Destiny 2” may even be pushed back to a later date instead of the originally rumored September 2016, according to some reports.

However, fans of the game can at least rejoice over the fact that an expansion pack and a sequel are confirmed. As to when exactly they can get their hands busy playing with these, the fans who are excitedly anticipating their arrival will just have to wait and see.