‘Destiny 2’ developer acknowledges mistake on recent content lockouts

Destiny 2
A promotional image for the "Destiny 2" video game. (Facebook/DestinyTheGame)

Video game developer Bungie has acknowledged that it made some mistakes by preventing access to some of the high-level content of popular first-person shooter “Destiny 2” following the release of the game’s first expansion, “Curse of Osiris.”

“With ‘Curse of Osiris’ now live, it’s clear that we’ve made some mistakes with how we have handled content access,” said Bungie in a statement. The company also promised to release an update that would fix the players’ access to the locked content.

As soon as the expansion was launched last week, “Destiny 2” players quickly realized that some of the high-level content was not accessible to those who did not purchase the expansion.

The locked content included the Prestige versions of Leviathan Raid and the weekly Nightfall strike, as well as the player-versus-player modes Trials of the Nine and Iron Banner. These activities are important to players as they provide the best loot in all the modes and levels of the game.

The move earned the ire of players and Bungie was quickly hit with a backlash of criticism.

In a blog post, Bungie explained the reason behind its decision to lock some of the game’s content behind the “Curse of Osiris.” According to the company, they wanted to raise the power level required to access some of the existing content. Doing so would keep the game relevant to players.

Another repercussion that came as a result of locking some content for the expansion buyers was that it prevented other players from completing their PlayStation Network Trophies and Xbox Live Achievements.

“Our team overlooked the fact that both of these mistakes disabled Trophies and Achievements for ‘Destiny 2,’” Bungie acknowledged. “This was an unacceptable lapse on our part, and we can understand the frustration it has created.”

Bungie has released Update to restore players’ access to all of the “Curse of Osiris’” content.