'Descendants of the Sun' season 2 spoilers: fans waiting for confirmation as rumors claim changes in the plot


For the fans of the popular 2016 South Korean television series, “Descendants of the Sun,” hearing anything about the second season is good news. The first time rumors surfaced, the consensus was that it was going to air sometime next year. But half of this year has passed and still there is no confirmation from Korean television network KBS or the makers of the show.

A previous report claimed that the plot of the second season will deviate from that of the first and that a new season could be in the works even without the original writer, Kim Eun-sook. The report however did not say if the change in the storyline would also mean that the military theme will be abandoned. To recall, one of the greatest reasons why the first season became a huge success was because it came with it a military-themed love story.

“Descendants of the Sun” garnered a strong following in its native country as well as several countries in Asia even though the entire series is for the time being only made up of a single season. The first proof that it was a hit came in what was supposed to be the last couple of episodes of the series, and suddenly the production crew decided there was a need to add three more. The three episodes, which actually showed behind-the-scenes clips, was some sort of a response from the showrunners to the clamor of the fans to extend it.

The series told the story of Captain Yoo Si-jin (Song Joong-ki), team leader of an elite special forces group in the South Korean Army and Doctor Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo), a cardiothoracic specialist who works at Haesung Hospital, where the two first met. Although they easily fell for each other, their jobs made it hard to be together.

It’s not clear if both characters and the actors portraying them will reprise their roles once season 2 is given the go signal. But it does make perfect sense if they are retained because their chemistry is another reason why the series have been very successful so far.