'Descendants Of The Sun' season 2 rumors: Potential sequel releasing in 2017?


Rumors have it that KBS network may be gearing up for the much awaited season 2 of South Korean drama series “Descendants of the Sun,” with hearsays saying that lead star Song Joong Ki was already spotted filming.

According to Asia Times, the network is deemed to have more installments in the military-themed franchise but instead of a sequel, the plot may become entirely new. The actors will reportedly stay the same presumably to reprise their roles that recently made them a global sensation.

The 16-episode heart-warming romantic story between United Nations Peace Corps soldier Yoo Shi-jin (Song Joong Ki) and doctor Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo) garnered a steadily rising fanbase. In response to the massive public demand, the network seems to be in talks for a potential second season.

KBS drama department head Jung Sung-ho was quoted, “We want to repay viewers with the next ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ We are grateful to viewers, overseas fans, staff, and actors. The drama was more than a domestic syndrome; it established a third wave of Hallyu.”

“KBS will strive to produce a second ‘Descendants of the Sun’ to meet expectations and repay viewers. We plan to launch a 2017 ‘Descendants of the Sun’ project for broadcast in 2017 through negotiations with the cast and production team,” Jung added.

Moreover, there is no confirmation yet if writer Kim Eun-sok will be onboard for the second time. She previously shared that she has no plans to make a potential sequel as it may be too heavy of a burden. She also believed that she has already “told the story” she wanted to tell.

However, Jung further clarified that they are planning to have a project that will match and hopefully exceed the popularity of the original show but it remains to be seen if it will involve the similar themes, “We have to keep discussing whether it will be a story of a soldier or not and we mean that we wish to work on a project that will follow it closely.”