'Descendants of the Sun' season 2 air date, cancellation rumors: what's the real score?


It’s hard to fathom why a massive hit like the South Korean television drama, “Descendants of the Sun” would last only one season and be canceled amid an unprecedented rise in popularity during its initial run. But as faith would have it, the show might have been destined to end even before it could begin filming its would-be second season.

Per The BitBag, it has now become very ambiguous if season 2 is indeed happening in spite of KBS, the network airing it, previously expressing the willingness to have it accommodated. And while there still is a slight chance that it does push through, it no longer might be as successful as the first season considering that the original lead actors, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki will no longer be coming back to reprise their respective roles.

Now why in the world would it still make sense to do a second season if the main protagonists are no longer appearing? Is it worth the risk to introduce a brand-new pair of actors to replace Yoo Si Jin (Joong Ki) and Kang Mo Yeon (Hye Kyo)? Well, should season 2 proceed, it only means that a new storyline will be introduced. But the question is will the same audience that took notice and interest in the first season be willing enough to give the new characters a chance?

Previous reports claim that the reason why both Joong Ki and Hye Kyo declined to do another season of “Descendants of the Sun” is because they have prior commitments and projects that need to be focused on. However, there also are rumors contradicting the claim, saying that the real reason is because both are supposed to be real-life sweethearts who eventually called it quits recently, suggesting that they couldn’t bear working together again.