'Descendants of the Sun 2' news: KBS open for an anthology instead of a sequel for drama


With the way KBS treats “Descendants of the Sun 2” clamor, it is almost safe to believe that the South Korean network is ready to capitalize the third wave Hallyu that the series has started. Moving past that decision, KBS is now already tinkering on what the sequel will actually be about.

“We have to keep discussing whether it will be a story of a soldier or not,” KBS’s drama department Jung Sung-ho told Soompi last month referring to how the supposed sequel will be tackled.

Naturally, the network is treading carefully in terms of the follow-up story so as not to taint that the massive success of the military medical drama.

“‘Descendants of the Sun’ was this year’s top drama and greatly contributed to the Hallyu wave, and we mean that we wish to work on a project that will follow it closely. For the time being, we plan to proceed with a variety of projects with a 2017 broadcast goal,” he added.

Co-writer Kim Eun-sook is said to be in talks to pen the story although, her partner, Kim Won-suk has already revealed that he has no interest for a “Descendants of the Sun 2” explaining that he is now geared towards working on new projects.

In an ideal world, fans would love to see everyone back together for the sequel, but with schedules already filled up, the 4 main actors of the drama alone would be difficult to involve in another 16-episode weekly show. Given this, Jung admitted that they are already looking at other options to make the sequel work without the need to bring back everyone together explaining, “We are advancing with projects that the production team and cast can consent to.”

Shall KBS decides to make an anthology instead of an interwoven series exploring the military and medical thematic of “Descendants of the Sun,” it is interesting how the original story of Yoon Si-jin (Song Joong-ki) and Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo) will eventually tie in.

This notion is actually not new to the Korean drama scope as various anthologies were produced all throughout the years. SBS has the “Lovers” trilogy which includes “Lovers in Paris,” (2004)”Lovers in Prague” (2005) and “Lovers”(2006). Interestingly, writer Kim was also the one who penned all the stories for the collection which makes it all the more possible for her to work on a possible military medical drama selection. KBS2 also has their own anthology which took on the seasonal theme with “Autumn In My Heart,” (2000) “Winter Sonata,” (2002) “Summer Scent” (2003) and “Spring Waltz” (2006).