'Deadpool' news: Movie gets 'R' rating from MPAA


“Deadpool,” the movie that will follow the story of an unusual anti-hero, is already rated by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

According to Coming Soon, the movie has been rated “R” because of “strong violence and language throughout, sexual content, and graphic nudity.” For those unfamiliar with what the rating means, an “R” rating implies that anyone under the age of 17 will need to be accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian, as the movie contains some adult material.

Of course, to those who have seen the promotional trailers and marketing modes of the film will not be surprised, given that “Deadpool” has been very open and “liberated” in endorsing the film. Even on social media, like its Twitter page, the film is almost no-holds-barred when it comes to discussions and jokes.

It even joked a Valentines teaser saying, “This Valentine’s Day, witness 50 Shades of Slay”  referring to a variation of the title of another film with adult content titled “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Nonetheless, makeup designer Bill Corso said, “Ironically there’s not as much gore as there could be, it’s all portrayed pretty realistically,” noted Independent. He added, “Deadpool does some really graphic stuff to people, but it’s all quick and doesn’t linger on it.”

Starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson or Deadpool, the story will explore how a former Special Forces operative turned into an anti-hero, after a rogue experiment gave him accelerated healing powers. With his new powers and dark sense of humor, he will hunt down the person behind his transformation.

He will be joined by Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Wilson’s girlfriend, TJ Miller as Weasel, his best friend, Ed Skrein as Francis/Ajax, a member of the team that conducted the experiment that Deadpool participated in, as well as Gina Carano as Angel Dust, the strong henchwoman of Ajax. The film will be directed by Tim Miller.

“Deadpool” is adapted from Marvel comics and is expected to be in theatres on Feb. 12.