'Deadpool' movie news: Tim Miller details breaking the fourth wall


The upcoming film “Deadpool” will finally bring one of Marvel’s most iconic characters to the big screen, following a criticized “debut” in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” With the character popularly known for breaking the fourth wall in the comicstalking to comic book readers, being aware that he is a comic book characterthe big screen version, as portrayed by actor Ryan Reynolds, is expected to sport the same personality. Just recently, film director Tim Miller explained more about the character’s habit of breaking the fourth wall, and how they determined the limitations to it.

In a recent interview with Empire Magazinevia ComicBook.comMiller explained the one huge difference in the character of Deadpool and his former normal self that is Wade Wilson. Aside from their physical looks and their abilities, there is one more thing that specifically distinguishes Wade Wilson from The Merc With a Mouth.

“Deadpool breaks the fourth wall. Wade Wilson never does,” Miller said in the interview.

“Does he know he’s a comic book character in a comic book movie?” he explained. “Does he know that Ryan Reynolds is playing him, and that Ryan Reynolds also played Green Lantern? It’s a big rabbit hole, and we explore it pretty deep.”

And with that, Miller said that in the film, they have decided that breaking the fourth wall is something that is part of the abilities and powers of Deadpool, and thus exclusive to the superhero in red, and not to Wade Wilsonand thus, breaking the fourth wall should only come after Wilson gets his powers.

With the release of the new trailer in the past weeks, Miller explained in a separate interview a part of the arsenal Deadpool carries with him, as he brings about some nasty firepower to the demise of his opponents.

“Those are his Desert Eagles,” Miller said, referring to the guns on Deadpool’s hips. “The classics. If you haven’t ever held one of those things, they weigh about 50 pounds each. They’re huge, heavy pistols that can basically blow your head apart. So they’re pretty powerful!”

Witness “Deadpool” as his film opens in theaters on Feb. 12, 2016.