'Deadpool' movie news: Director Tim Miller shares his thoughts on Deadpool's personality


It’s been a Deadpool-filled Christmas for fans of The Merc with a Mouth, as 20<sup>th Century Fox had been very kind to their fans by giving away a new trailer for the film. However the company did not release only one trailer but two new trailers. Each trailer featured their own unique set of new and never-before-seen footages from the film.

As part of the trailer release, “Deadpool” film director, newcomer Tim Miller, gave a breakdown of the trailer’s content in an interview with Empire.

“Deadpool’s kind of shockingly different from most Marvel characters, and it’s a nice thing that we can kind of ease people into this character and the really different sort of space he inhabits from usual comic book films,” Miller said.

Without having to say anything further about the character in the film, one of the biggest things about Deadpool that makes him different from other heroes is that he breaks the Fourth Wall. He’s the only character in any Marvel film so far that knows he’s in a movie and that an audience is watching on the other side of the camera.

“I guess I would say – without ruining anything – it’s Christmas for his character,” Miller continued. “But his character isn’t necessarily connected to all of the reality of our world. But we did plan the film to be a heartwarming holiday classic – we had to work Christmas in there!”

Miller also gave a short detail about Deadpool’s armory he carries with him. Aside from his trademark duo of swords, he also has some nasty firepower strapped on him.

“Those are his Desert Eagles,” Miller said, referring to the guns on Deadpool’s hips. “The classics. If you haven’t ever held one of those things, they weigh about 50 pounds each. They’re huge, heavy pistols that can basically blow your head apart. So they’re pretty powerful!”

Catch “Deadpool” as his film opens in theaters on Feb. 12, 2016.