Deadpool film confirmed to have Andre Tricoteux as Collosus


It used to be just hyped buzz on the film Deadpool but now it’s confirmed and for real. Mutant Angel Dust Gina Carano confirmed via Twitter that Andre Tricoteux will play Collosus or Piotr Rasputin in Deadpool movie. She replied to Tricoteux’s tweet with this: “You’re the best #Colossus a person could ask for Andre,” reports Christian Today.

This also fully confirms that Andre was the tall man seen wearing a full-body motion-capture suit while filming exterior scenes with Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool and Brianna Hildebrand’s Negasonic Teenage Warhead a.k.a. The NTW. The motion capture suit shot circulated online according to Cinemablend.

At the time of this posting, there is still no confirmation from Fox if they will be using Tricoteux’s voice or will be getting someone else to dub the lines for him. The X-men famed Daniel Cudmore voice is highly requested by fans. Recasting is probable since Cudmore will not be returning for the X-Men voice part according to Cinemablend.

Filming in Vancouver, Canada is officially finished and the film is slated for airing this February 12, 2016. Fans are looking forward to the San Diego Comic Con in July. For the meantime, Ryan Reynolds has been providing great updates about the film. Venture Capital Post reports his most recent tweet: “#Deadpool has been a privilege to make. And we got to make this film because of you. Gonna eat a samich now. #wrapped.”

Comic Book Resources cites that apart from X-Men and this present project, Tricoteux is known for his roles in Once Upon a Time, Seventh Son, and Warcraft. Movie Pilot narrates that the original character is as burly and appropriate for Tricoteux. Piotr or Peter Nikolaeivitch Rasputin is an underrated Russian mutant who can transform the body into organic steel but fails under extreme heat or cold.