‘Deadpool 2’ takes cheap shot at ‘Justice League’ in brand new trailer

"Deadpool 2" will arrive on May 18. (Facebook/DeadpoolMovie)

The “Deadpool” franchise has been known for its hilarious entertainment value found not only in the first movie but also in its trailers. In a recently released trailer for the upcoming sequel “Deadpool 2,” the witty masked mercenary took a cheap shot at its rival cinematic franchise, the DC expanded universe (DCEU).

The trailer, which also served as the franchise’s introduction of the new character Cable, played by Josh Brolin, cracked jokes about the visual effects surrounding the character’s metal arm.

In the preview, Cable makes a dramatic entrance, complete with a voiceover explaining his origins and doing a monologue about pain, like a typical action movie trailer would do. Then it is revealed that the visual effects on his supposedly robotic metal arm have not been completed, showing instead, the actor’s arm covered in green.

Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, abruptly interrupts the dramatic scene yells about the unfinished work. “What in the actual a**? Dale! Why are the visual effects not done?” asked the titular character. “It’s a metal arm! It’s not like we’re trying to remove a mustache!”

The mercenary with a mouth, of course, was taking a shot at the latest DCEU entry, “Justice League,” which included scenes where Henry Cavill’s moustache had to be digitally removed from the shots in post-production.

This happened because the superhero team-up movie had to do extensive reshoots, which overlapped with Cavill’s commitment to the new “Mission Impossible” movie, where his character sports a moustache.

The unusual application of the digital effects did not turn out that great, as it resulted in a very recognizable, but weird effect on the otherwise striking look of the superhero.

While making fun of the production woes of another superhero movie may not come across as the classiest of acts, many fans would agree that it is very true to the character of Deadpool.