'Deadpool 2' release date, news: Have Cable and Domino been cast in the sequel?


While “Deadpool 2” is set to hit theaters in 2018, the actors who are going to take part in the movie have yet to be announced. Sure, Ryan Reynolds is going to return as Deadpool, but who else is going to appear in the sequel?

It is almost certain that Cable is going to be in “Deadpool 2” since the titular character broke the fourth wall during the post-credits scene of the first film and made the announcement. But who is going to portray him?

In the past few months, actors Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman, and Dolph Lundgren have all stated that they are interested in playing the character; however, sources say Kyle Chandler is in the lead for the role. It should be noted that this rumor hasn’t been verified yet, and Cable creator Rob Liefeld also told Nerdy Pop that he doesn’t know if the actor was ever approached to play the role. So, it is likely that the role hasn’t been cast yet. The good news is 20th Century Fox probably won’t be facing problems casting the right guy since a number of well-known actors are already interested in getting the part.

Meanwhile, reports are saying that Mackenzie Davis may have landed the part of Domino. However, the actress had a chat with GQ Magazine back in August, and she said that the rumors were not true.

“No! [laughs] It’s very interesting. People keep sending me printouts being like, ‘This is so cool!’ And I’m like, ‘Right? I also think it’s cool! But it’s not true!’ I mean. I’d love to keep the ruse going. It’s sort of cool that people think I’m doing Deadpool. But no! I don’t have any news to share. I wish I did!”

As of this moment, 20th Century Fox has yet to announce the cast for “Deadpool 2,” so until then, readers are advised to take everything with a grain of salt.