'Deadpool 2' release, spoilers, updates: Creator Rob Liefeld tells fans to relax about Cable casting rumors


Even without a confirmed release date yet, the sequel to this year’s superhero movie surprise, “Deadpool,” is being closely monitored by fans who are holding the growing franchise to its promises. But while people behind the movie have always been appreciative of its newly created legion of fans, “Deadpool” comic book creator Rob Liefeld has told everyone to relax amid tension with regard to character castings.

Following Stephen Lang’s statement earlier this month, revealing that his chance of nabbing the much-coveted role of Cable in the sequel was almost nil due to scheduling conflicts, enthusiasts were quick to back him up. The situation got a bit rowdier when rumors of actor Kyle Chandler landing the gig made rounds online and was met with mixed reactions. In the middle of this, Liefeld, who recently acknowledged the commotion, appeased fans by saying that director Tim Miller and company know what they are doing.

“I would just say, everybody calm down,” the comic book writer said in a conversation with Nerdy Pop’s Matt Barnes. “My whole thing, I would have #TrustInTim, trust in Tim Miller the fantastic director, and trust in Ryan [Reynolds] our producer and genius performer, and Simon [Kinberg], and Rhett [Reese], and Paul [Wernick]. That’s what I would say.”

On top of his appeal, he also commented on the said casting of Chandler:

“I don’t know Kyle Chandler. I don’t know him. I don’t know if he’s ever going to play Cable, but we would be so lucky to have an actor as talented as Kyle Chandler, who has been in Martin Scorsese movies,” Liefeld stated. “If, by chance that rumor was true and the production was lucky enough to get somebody as talented as him, I would just trust in the people that gave you ‘Deadpool’ to figure that out for the best.”

To the naysayers’ defense, it might take a little bit more than imagination to see Chandler as the time traveling mutant while Lang’s looks are pretty straightforward. Nevertheless, fans cannot discredit the fact that casting agents are far more knowledgeable in this aspect than outsiders. Chandler’s acting prowess is also superb which makes it possible for him to transform into Deadpool’s sometimes friend, sometimes enemy.

At this time, it is safe to assume that casting is ongoing or at least about to start not just for Cable but also for other characters who will be introduced in “Deadpool 2.” A couple of months ago, Miller said that they are already honing a hopefully better story for the Merc with a Mouth’s second outing. Production, on the other hand, is set to start early next year.