'Deadpool 2' release date: movie might get a 2018 premiere date


Following the confirmation that “Deadpool 2” will head to production next year, Ryan Reynolds may have already hinted a possible 2018 release date.

Reynolds, who is known to be very active on his social media account, recently bestowed his stamp of approval on a fan-made poster for the upcoming flick. The early unofficial advertisement looks like a male restroom placard which was altered to insinuate Wolverine and Professor X being featured in the movie. The Canadian actor reposted and tagged the creator of the poster with the caption “Ahhhhh, @mutant101. Isn’t this a felony?”

Timeline-wise, a 2018 sequel may be very well possible given that “Deadpool 2” is definitely moving so much faster than its predecessor, which took more than 10 years to produce. However, director Tim Miller has also made it clear that they are aiming for well-honed follow-up movie. And given the success of the superhero project both in terms of box office sales and critical response, it is understandably so that they are planning to top up their A Game during their debut. With that being said, it will be safe to assume that 20th Century Fox and the people behind “Deadpool” would not put out something that is rushed.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who are both tapped to come back for the sequel, previously talked about the their creative process in terms of brainstorming ideas to Hey U Guys. They are very aware that they do not have the same amount of time they had in making the first movie so they would need to be very efficient this time around.

“We took six and a half years to make ‘Deadpool,’ because it actually took us six ,” and a half years to write it,” Wernick spilled, admitting that they are not exactly fast writers.

Nevertheless, Reese chimed in that they are up to the task in bringing the same quality of story that “Deadpool” had. He said, “Look, that’s entirely above our heads, but we’ll write the very best screenplay we can write if we’re fortunate enough to get that sequel, and we’ll write it as quickly as they tell us we need to write it. When they say jump, we say how high.”