'Deadpool 2' release date, cast news: Stephen Lang still interested in playing Cable


Early last month, Stephen Lang shared that with him back as Col. Miles Quaritch in the upcoming “Avatar” movies, chances are that he will not be able to take on the role of Cable in “Deadpool 2.” This follows months of him openly expressing his eagerness to play the mutant in the “Deadpool” sequel. After that, a whirlwind of casting rumors even tagging “Bloodline” actor Kyle Chandler as the front-runner for the part have transpired. The particular choice was quickly met with backlash by fans who argued that the 50-year-old actor is not one bit like the time-travelling hero. This prompted “Deadpool” creator Rob Liefeld to ask for everyone to calm down and trust the people behind “Deadpool 2.”

Now, it appears that Lang’s efforts in making things work should he get the gig are still very much alive. While promoting his latest offering, “Don’t Breathe,” the actor admitted the he is still very much interested. Unfortunately, it seems like it is an unrequited kind of love as he also adds that despite his name being continuously tagged with the character, director Tim Miller or anyone else working on the sequel have yet to approach him.

“Oh sure, I was a fan of the first ‘Deadpool’ and I’d be delighted to be a part of that sequel, but I haven’t spoken to anyone about it. It kept cropping up on the internet that I should play Cable,” Lang explained to Mashable. “Either way, no one has approached me, and I can’t even say if I’m in the actual conversation. But they must be aware of it, because whoever makes those decisions must be aware of everything. Plus, I think I’d do a pretty bang-up job with the part.”

Lang was actually the person who started laying the ground for fans to get behind him in nabbing the role. Earlier this year, he posted a photo of himself on Twitter looking very Cable-like even before prominent casting talks started.

While he may be a dead ringer for the part given his physique and even his storied resume, one can argue that without that social media post, his name would not have been the most tipped for the part, at least by fans.

However, just before he ended his interview with the media outlet, Lang seemed to have steered a little bit and toned down his enthusiasm adding, “Having said that, understand that my obligation is to the largest, most successful film ever made, so ‘Avatar’ takes precedence.”

Despite being teased in the post-credits scene of “Deadpool,” it is not even confirmed yet that Jean Grey and Scott Summer’s son from the past will eventually land in present day via the direct sequel. Given that the success of the Ryan Reynolds-spearheaded movie just basically opened a whole new franchise, there is a chance that Cable will be introduced in later films. Nevertheless, since everything is still in development right now with production tipped to start early next year, anything is still possible.

“Deadpool 2” does not have a theatrical release date yet.