'Dead Secret' release date, news: Game coming to PS3, PS4 in January 2016; VR version to come later in the year


In 2016, another game will land on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. What’s more, it will also be available on the PlayStation VR later in the year. Titled “Dead Secret,” players have to solve the mystery of the death of a man named Harris Bullard in the thriller video game. 

According to Gregory Love, owner of game developer Whippering, “‘Dead Secret’ has been in development for several years. The project began in 2013 and has gone through many iterations and mutations. In 2014, the team at Robot Invader decided to focus on VR, a change which required them to rip ‘Dead Secret’ apart and piece it back together bit by bit. The result is a uniquely hybrid game, one designed specifically for virtual reality yet firmly connected to its console roots.”

Love further explained that years of researching mystery and horror games were conducted to get the elements of “Dead Secret” right. Casey Richardson and Chris Pruett, the founders of Whippering’s partner developer Robot Invader, were influenced by games such as “Deadly Premonition” and “Clock Tower Siren.” 

Although it has been designed for virtual reality, the game can still be played on consoles. 

“Dead Secret is focused on mystery, but we made sure that there’s a hefty dose of dread in there too. It’s a game anybody can play and enjoy, but I hope that fans of the genre will be particularly delighted,” said Pruett as posted on the PlayStation Blog.

Gamers will play the role of a journalist who is solving the death of a man. Found dead in his study, there are no signs of foul play according to the police. To prove that what transpired is murder, players have to look for clues and decipher messages in the crime scene. Moreover, secret documents can be uncovered that will endanger the journalist’s life.

Coming in January 2016, “Dead Secret” will be made available with Cross Buy support.