'Dead Rising 4' release date news: Game's drastic changes result in removal of time limit feature


“Dead Rising 4” has made plenty of changes that largely departed from the iconic elements that its previous installments had been known for, the most drastic of which is the removal of the upcoming game’s time limit feature.

The first “Dead Rising” game stood out among other zombie games because of its timer system, a mechanism that was equally welcomed and rejected by gamers. With this time limit rule, certain events while playing the game happen independently of the player’s movement. This meant that the system compels its players to be in the exact place at the exact time if they want to experience specific events in the game or uncover its additional features.

Just as gaming fans were not universal in their opinion of establishing a time limit feature in the first “Dead Rising” video game, the reception of its removal from “Dead Rising 4” is just as divided.

As reported by Mobile & Apps, some “Dead Rising” fans have stated that the game is no longer recognizable, with all its distinct features having been removed from its latest installment. Without the time limit feature, “Dead Rising 4” allegedly turned into just another mindless action game. There are also gamers who have claimed that they never really liked the timer in the first place and were happy with the change.

In an interview with Eurogamer, executive producer Bryce Cochrane and Capcom Vancouver studio director Joe Nickolls gave an explanation on why removing the timer system was the right call.

“I think it’s really to do with the expanse of our world,” said Cochrane, adding, “We wanted a huge world you could really explore and find things in.”

“We didn’t want to limit people from finding the hidden stuff, the bonus content,” said Nickolls. “Not everybody’s a completionist, but most people do want to feel like they’ve seen most of the stuff, and that’s one of the reasons we made the decision we did with the timing. It’s always been super-polarising.”

However, even with the changes, the timer function will still be present in “Dead Rising 4” but will be limited to the co-op multiplayer mode.

“Dead Rising 4” is set to arrive as a timed exclusive for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows 10 on Dec. 6.