'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' series rumor: New group of superheroes to join the show's season two


CW confirmed that “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” is one of the 11 shows in its current line-up that got an early renewal for another season. While the show is only a couple of months old for its first season run, various speculations have already surfaced as to how its season two will pan out. Among the many things fans suspect will happen when the show’s season two premieres is the inclusion of a new group of heroes in the time-traveling superheroes series.

Heroic Hollywood opines that there is a high possibility for the show to break away from how it is currently set up, as hinted by its cast members, crew, and even its showrunners. Along with the changes that will happen to the show once its second season kicks off is supposedly the inclusion of new characters, such as John Constantine, Connor Hawke, and even Jonah Hex.

Speaking of Connor Hawke, the identity of his real father was finally revealed on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” when the character made a guest appearance on the show. To the surprise of many, he is not the son of “Arrow’s” Oliver Queen after all. Rather, his father is John Diggle.

Hardcore DC fans know for a fact that in the comics, Connor is the son of Oliver, eventually taking the mantle of Green Arrow in the future. This left the fans wondering how this revelation will affect the unfolding of events in another DC series on CW, “Arrow,” as it was the aged, goatee-sporting and one-armed Oliver Queen himself who made the reveal in the “Star City 2046” episode of the show.

Meanwhile, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” is set to return on March 31 and teases its share of the audience, not with snippets from its upcoming episode, but with a “Return Sizzle” video where the characters of the show display their superhero moves and poses. This leaves the fans wondering as to how the rest of the show will play out with its future episodes.

As the show is already midway of its 16 season one episodes, fans can expect that “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” will continue to heat up with its brand of superhero actions and twists, much more that Jonah Hex will make an appearance on the show next month.