'Legends of Tomorrow' season 2 cast news: Vixen cast as series regular, with a twist


The upcoming and much awaited second season of The CW’s hit DC Comics TV series, “Legends of Tomorrow,” just got its first new possible “Legend” for the Waverider a familiar face from The CW’s DC Universe but with a new twist. According to the latest reports, the character of Mari McCabe would be coming to the show for its new season.

According to a report by TV Insider, The CW recently announced that the character Mari McCabe, a.k.a. The Vixen, would be included in the new season of the hit series. However, it won’t be actress Megalyn E.K. who would be reprising the role of the Detroit vigilante this time.

Instead, the report said that the show’s rendition of The Vixen would still be the same character that made her way to the recently concluded fourth season of “Arrow,” as she aided Oliver in fighting Damien Darhk, but with a little twist to her character. Since actress Megalyn E.K. is said to be busy working on her upcoming film projects, she appears to be unable to take on additional projects for TV show, especially one that would have put her as a series regular.

While it is confirmed to be a different take on the character, The CW, so far, has not yet cast an actress for the role.

Considering the concept of time travel being one of the main points of the series, thus far, apparently the Vixen that came before Mari McCabe would be the one who will be featured in “Legends of Tomorrow” which means that either fans would be getting an older Vixen, or perhaps a Vixen similar to the one fans had already been introduced to.

However, this won’t mean that Megalyn E.K. won’t be donning the suit and the totem anymore. She would still continue to voice the character on its own animated web miniseries on The CW Seed, and her version of The Vixen could still make guest appearances in future episodes of “Arrow.”

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” will return to The CW sometime this year.