'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' news: Joseph David-Jones talks possible Connor Hawke return


“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” recently featured in the episode titled “Star City 2046” a number of characters and alternate character versions who were well received by comic book fans. Some of the characters were only cameos, but it might be different for Connor Hawke.

In “Star City 2046,” Rip Hunter and his team of Legends arrived in Star City in the year 2046. In that period, the city had fallen into ruins and Oliver Queen had been defeated. Aside from that, one of the highlights of the episode was the introduction of Connor Hawke.

In the comics, Connor Hawke was Oliver Queen’s son and had been the second person to take the mantle of Green Arrow, following the death of Oliver. In his appearance in “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” Connor Hawke was an alias used by John Diggle Jr., following the death of the Diggle fans know.

While his character had been a part of a version of the future that was not yet cemented in the timeline, it appears that there is a possibility that fans will see more of him in the show. Joseph David-Jones, who played the role of Hawke, talked about how the people behind the show have been rooting to bring him back.

“I know that a couple of the writers are trying to push to get me back in there, because they really do like what happened with the episode,” David-Jones said, in an interview with ComicBook.com. “I know that they’re trying to put me back in there but I don’t know what they’re going to come up with or what even is going to happen with Connor Hawke, but I know they’ve been talking about potential different outcomes of it because they are plan on cycling out some of the cast from the ship. So I don’t know what’s going to happen, or if that timeline is still set until they actually do go back to the past.”

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” airs Thursdays on The CW.