'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' news: Greg Berlanti talks show's diversity


The upcoming new DC Comics spinoff series on The CW, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” will feature a team of unlikely heroes and villains coming together to bring down a time-travelling villain and become “legends” along the way. There had been rumors that the show would only run for a one-season storyline. However, the executive producers themselves have been very vocal about their two to three years’ worth of plans for the new show, given the diversity of the cast that the showrunners had been very proud of.

Featuring a diverse cast of various genders, races, and ages, series executive producer Greg Berlanti revealed that he is proud of the cast that will be featured. This diversity will expand further as the show progresses in the next episodes and seasons.

In a recent interview during the Television Critics Association, Greg Berlanti was asked by ComicBook.com about the series’ diversity.

“That’s the desire,” Berlanti said. “It makes the story more interesting; it allows us to keep going to more places and keep working with better and better talent. That being said, I think everybody can take things even further. I don’t look at this ensemble and think it’s as diverse as it should be or could be even two or three years from now.”

In other news, “Firefly” and “Stargate Atlantis” star Jewel Staite will come to the new series as the futuristic scientist Rachel Turner. Her character was described as follows:

“A descendant of a long line of inventors one of whom turns out to be someone from the DC Universe! Rachel believes that her creations can make that world a better place. Alas, what the brilliant beauty cannot foresee is that her work is destined to fall into the hands of immortal baddie Vandal Savage, who will use it to take over the world. Unless Rachel can team up with the Legends to stop him.”

Catch “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” on Jan. 21 on The CW.