Daylight Saving Time 2016 USA: Time to add an extra hour on November 6


With just a few more days to go, this year’s Daylight Saving Time will be coming to an end. Folks are pretty much aware by now that it will be ending this Sunday, Nov. 6 at 2 a.m. local time.

For the uninitiated, DST, or simply “summer time” to some, is the time frame within the year where it is required for countries who are following the practice to advance their clocks by an hour, making daytime last 60 minutes longer.

DST was devised by George Hudson in New Zealand about 120 years ago. However, the said time adjustment was not implemented on a massive scale until 1916 when countries like Austria, Hungary, and Germany decided to put it on a trial run. Later on, it was eventually recognized and adopted by other countries.

The concept of DST also had a fair share of detractors during its early run. It is said that folks back then experienced problems brought about by the time adjustment as there are many recreational activities that require sunlight. Furthermore, since farming was also widely practiced during that time, farmers were not in favor of the 60-minute adjustment.

Nowadays, countries who are still at it have grown to accept the time adjustment and have learned to fully utilize the benefits of DST.

Aside from spending an extra hour pampering one’s self or just goofing around with some friends, there are numerous ways on how to spend the extra hour that will be added on Nov. 6. Some of the ways to make use of the extra hour include disposing of old medicines, changing the password on one’s desktop, fixing credit history, and other electronic devices such as smoke detectors and microwave ovens.