'Dark Souls 3' updates: Second DLC coming early 2017; first DLC slated for fall


“Dark Souls 3,” which was just released recently, generally received good and positive feedback from players and gaming critics. It is no surprise that fans are also looking forward to the possible next plans for the title.

In an interview with foreign publication GNN, series creator and FromSoftware’s president Hidetaka Miyazaki had the chance to talk about the game and their high level plans for it in the future. One of the discussions in the interview is about the possibility to bring in DLCs, spin-offs, or even tie-ups with novels since “Dark Souls 3” is known to be the last in the series.

Miyazaki revealed that at the moment, there are no plans yet regarding a tie-up or spin-off, but several DLCs will be coming for the game similar to its previous iterations. The series creator did not say much about the DLCs, but hinted that one will be coming later this year, while another one can be expected early next year.

The upcoming DLC is expected to come around autumn and is anticipated to bring in new maps, enemies, weapons, and armor sets, as hinted earlier. No individual price has been mentioned yet, but the Season Pass costs around $30, which will include at least the two DLCs that have been revealed.

In the meantime, there will be a patch update, 1.05, coming for the PlayStation 4 console that is expected to bring in improvements and bug fixes.

Dark Souls 3” is an action and role-playing video game that was released last March 24 in Japan and about two weeks ago in other regions. It is playable on PCs as well as the new generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. The title earned a record-breaking debut for first day sales in Japan and noted excellent sales in the U.K.