'Dark Souls 3' DLC release news: 3 sets of downloadable content will be released


Recently, fans of “Dark Souls 3” have been raving about the recently released game and it has also gained good reception among the gaming community. A new update has already been released for the game which is Update 1.07, in order to fix some bugs and errors, but players are expecting more from the developers, FromSoftware, that a new downloadable content (DLC) may be released anytime soon.

The recent update has made the game more improved and enjoyable by fixing some issues like the password matching rate. Various categories were also improved in order to enhance the player’s experience in the game. Some of the categories that were adjusted were Dark Drift, Washing Pole, Crescent Axe and more as stated in reports.

Aside from the update that was just launched, Kadokawa games, the sister company of FromSoftware, is going to make an announcement with regards to “Dark Souls 3” during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Fans of the game are already hyped for the announcement that will happen on the popular event which would be from June 14-16.

According to reports, there are rumors that there three DLC packs that would be released for the game which would be set as a trilogy. The trilogy may also be the catalyst that would conclude the story of “Dark Souls 3.” It is said that the first DLC might be released during August of the Fall season. The second part of the DLC trilogy may be released during early 2017, but the release for the third DLC pack is still yet to be known.

The creator of “Dark Souls 3,” Hidetaka Miyazaki, has mentioned that this may be the last “Dark Souls” for the series although fans are still hoping for a sequel, spin-off, or a collaboration with other games.

Furthermore, Miyazaki has also said that the possibility of a fourth title for the franchise may be bleak, however, there may be room for a spin-off.