Dark Souls 3 release date promotional photo shows 2016 release date; more updates at upcoming E3


While other games are reportedly being push back to the development oven nearing the E3 conference, Dark Souls 3 provided some light in the gaming world and slightly broke the gaming internet world when IGN released a set of leaked photos online about its upcoming E3 teaser.

These photos were captioned with the phrase “Early 2016,” indicating that it will be released much sooner than expected. It is slated to appear at the annual E3 or video gaming industry conference this June 16 to 18, 2015 at Los Angeles. However, there is still no official trailer for Dark Souls 3. This follows its success from Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 2, and its accompanying sequel Bloodborne.

Following rumors of a third Dark Souls was the leaked set photos, reports Engadget. The game will be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.According to VG247, Bandai NamcoEntertainment refused to comment about the said leaks before the E3 conference. They continue to remain mum about the issue despite the numerous attempts to leak more information about this game. Meanwhile, the gamers have gotten all riled up with the photos and are clamoring for more information like a full or official trailer from the developers for the next round of updates.

Youth Health reports some circulating rumors on the features of the third version of the game. This includes 45 new adversaries and 15 new bosses, 10 different classes of gaming characters, 40 new armor sets, 100 new weapons, 60-minutes of cut scenes in-engine, and 12 different areas. But all these remain unconfirmed. Express cites Youtube channel The Know as the source of these rumored features. Other features cited include a negotiable PC version, 1 to 4 player capacity, return of invasions and bounties, altering boss fights, special moves, and a more story-driven user experience.