'Dark Souls 3' DLC release date, latest news: new content could come later this month


There is high expectation for new downloadable content (DLC) for the popular video game, “Dark Souls 3.” Game publisher BANDAI NAMCO’s fastest selling game has gained some kind of cult following, thanks to the combination of an appealing storyline and incredible graphics.

And good news for fans, developer FromSoftware, through its president Hidetaka Miyazaki, confirmed that there will be two expansions for the game one coming this year and the other coming early next year. The upcoming DLC should be music to the ears of hardcore gamers, having previously known that “Dark Souls 3” will be the last in this series.

The action role-playing video game is currently running on three of the main gaming platforms the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Microsoft Windows PC. It is set on an alternate world where darkness and evil prevail and the entire landscape is controlled by the forces of darkness. The game was first released in its home country of Japan back in March and was launched internationally a month later.

Rumors have it that the new DLC might get its release in the latter part of this month, the first version that is. So for the fans of the game, the excitement is beyond compare since another one is slated for release by next year.

In Miyazaki’s interview with Kotaku last month, he mentioned that the new pair of DLCs will have more action and there will be an introduction of new stuff for players to use. More specifically, he talked about a new area for battle and a new story, as well as additional gear and weapons. But the most intriguing part of what he said is that there also will be new enemies. Well, that should be enough reason to start counting the days until the first of the two DLCs is finally released.