'Dark Souls 3' DLC release date: First pack coming this fall, next one follows 2017


Fans of From Software’s dark fantasy action role-playing video game series “Dark Souls” can expect to prepare to die again, about two more times in fact, as post-release content for the series’ latest game is expected to start coming in soon.

Series creator and From Software President Hidetaka Miyazaki recently had an interview with GNN Gamer about the future of the “Dark Souls” series after the most recent installment, “Dark Souls III,” got its worldwide release in early April.

As the interview was in Japanese, a translation has been provided by NeoGAF community website user earvcunanan, revealing that Miyazaki has confirmed the previous rumors regarding post-release content for “Dark Souls III.”

Prior to the game’s release, the details of the “Dark Souls III” season pass were leaked which indicated that the game would be receiving two downloadable content (DLC) packs. The official release of the season pass on Valve’s Steam platform confirmed the leak, stating that getting the season pass will allow access to “2 epic DLC packs” for the game.

Miyazaki confirmed the existence of the two DLC packs, and it was thought that he also confirmed the existence of a third one. According to the translation, “Dark Souls III” players can expect the first DLC for the game this fall 2016, the second one in early 2017, while a supposed third one was to come but had no planned schedule as of yet.

According to earvcunanan’s post however, there was supposedly a mistranslation with Miyazaki’s words and he reportedly only confirmed the two initial DLC packs. Furthermore, Miyazaki confirmed that “Dark Souls III” will indeed be the last game in the series.

Whether the game will indeed have three DLCs or not, players can expect the first one as early as next month or September at the latest. It was believed that From Software might feature at the ongoing Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 and more news about “Dark Souls III” DLC could be revealed, but reports also indicate that the company might be more focused on the development of other titles which could be what they might present instead, if the company does make an appearance.