'Dark Souls 3' DLC release date this fall: details


“Dark Souls 3” will be receiving a slew of downloadable content (DLC) packs, the first of which has been confirmed for a release sometime in fall.

The news was confirmed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, director and president of “Souls” franchise creator studio FromSoftware, in an interview with GNN Gamer. A rough translation of the interview was shared by earvcunanan, a user on the Neogaf forums.

According to the translation, additional content for “Dark Souls 3” will follow the same vein as its predecessor “Dark Souls 2,” which released a total of three installments of major additional content. If “Dark Souls 3” will take after the trend in ways other than the quantity of DLCs, then players can also expect that the trio of DLCs will also further the game’s story.

“Dark Souls 2” was released with a total of three DLCs: “The Crown of the Sunken King,” “The Crown of the Old Iron King” and “The Crown of the Ivory King.” Collectively titled “The Lost Crowns Trilogy,” the DLCs all added new content to the game and furthered the “Dark Souls” lore.

As for the dates, Miyazaki said that the first DLC will be released in fall meaning that the earliest time the DLC can be expected is September. The second DLC is slated early next year, so around the first quarter of 2017, while the third one has no date yet.

Miyazaki’s confirmation of a total of three DLCs expands on the information that came earlier this year when the season pass for the game leaked. The leaks indicated that the season pass will be coming with two DLCs, which has since been confirmed by the season pass’ official release.

As an additional installment, the third DLC for “Dark Souls 3” will not be covered under the game’s season pass so its price is yet to come.