'Dark Souls 3' DLC news: First expansion arrives this fall, tons of new features to be added?


“Dark Souls 3” has been a hit among gamers and has become a benchmark for success not only for the “Dark Souls” franchise but also for BANDAI NAMCO with over three million copies of the game sold just a month after its release. Players can expect more to come as there will be downloadable content (DLC) released for “Dark Souls 3.”

GameSpot was able to interview Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of game developer From Software, who talked about several aspects of the game.

Currently, there are two planned DLCs for “Dark Souls 3” although their titles have yet to be revealed. The first DLC will be released during the fall and the second DLC will be launched possibly during the first quarter of 2017.

There are already speculations that the new DLC will offer its fans a new map to explore, and the map may actually be vertical this time around. There will be new weapons, armors, and gears as well for gamers to collect throughout the game.

Miyazaki, who was also involved designing other popular games such as “Bloodborne” and “Demon Souls,” has shared his hopes for the future of “Dark Souls.” He mentioned that he hopes that “Dark Souls 3” will have an impact on the future of gaming.

“I think it would be great if something from the Dark Souls series stays with the players as an experience which holds meaning and value to them. What stays with the player forms their opinion on what the Dark Souls series was about, and that’s something I appreciate, regardless of what players think of the series.”

He also added, “We will strive in continuing to create special games of value, so that when people look back to the Dark Souls series, they will distinguish it as the beginning of a new stage for From Software.”

As of now Miyazaki is still part of the team working on the upcoming DLCs. He stated, “My involvement in it is no different from my involvement in the actual game. I’m working with the co-directors, and letting them handle what they can handle, while I supervise the title as director. Right now, we’re in crunch with the first DLC. I’m confident it will bring a different side of Dark Souls 3 to our players in a special way.”

There is still no official release date for the new DLC but fans can expect it to be launched sometime this fall.