'Dark Souls 3' DLC release date: 'Ashes of Ariandel' to feature new magic, weapons, PvP exclusive map


Bandai Namco has officially unveiled the first downloadable content (DLC) for “Dark Souls 3” called “Ashes of Ariandel,” and the add-on will feature new weapons, armor, magic, and a player versus player (PvP) area named Immortal Competition.

According to the DLC’s official description, players are “tasked to enter the land of Ariandel and defeat the evil within to uncover the mystery of what has caused the land to become defiled.” In addition to adding a new environment to “Dark Souls 3,” the expansion will also include new weapons and armor sets, magic for players to discover and experiment with, as well as new features for the game’s massively popular competitive player mode.

The launch trailer for the DLC shows that winter has come to “Dark Souls 3.” In the clip, a warrior walks bravely as a snowstorm rages. Monsters lie in wait, and a fight breaks out between the warrior and a very large enemy wearing heavy armor. A skeleton can also be seen wielding a weapon, and later, blood is seen seeping on the frozen ground. More monsters appear, each one looking more fearsome than the last, as the warrior fights for his survival.

According to Gamespot, the DLC has a lot of allusions to the “Dark Souls” DLC titled “Painted World of Ariamis.” The two add-ons share the same snowy environment, and “Ariandel” also has an enemy similar to the Crow Demon in “Painted World.” The website notes that while Priscilla, the part-dragon crossbreed that ruled over “Painted World” wasn’t featured in “Dark Souls 3,” the creature’s lineage is represented in the new DLC. There is speculation that Priscilla may be connected to a character named Yorshka, who bears a striking resemblance to the part-dragon.

“Ashes of Ariandel” will be released on Oct. 25 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and will cost $15. Players can also pick up the game’s season pass for $25. A second DLC for “Dark Souls 3” will be released in early 2017.