‘Dark’ news: Netflix confirms season 2 for sci-fi thriller

“Dark” gets renewed for the second season. (Facebook/ DARKNetflix)

Following the overwhelmingly positive reception for its first season, streaming giant Netflix has confirmed that the acclaimed supernatural science fiction series “Dark” is getting a second installment.

The confirmation comes only a couple of weeks after the premiere of the first season, which Netflix said was one of its “most watched entirely non-English shows.” The popular streaming platform has officially ordered a full second season for the stand-out series.

The German language series has captivated viewers with its mind-bending plotline and its interesting roster of characters.

“When we first heard about ‘Dark,’ we realized very early on that we hadn’t seen anything like this show before, in Germany or anywhere else in the world,” said Kelly Luegenbiehl, Vice President of International Originals for Netflix. “’Dark’ is a testament that great storytelling transcends geography. We’re excited that our members around the globe are captivated by the mysterious world of Winden, and will now be able to continue to see how the story unfolds.”

According to showrunners Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, viewers’ response to “Dark” has been overwhelming, due in part to the various puzzles that the story presents, as well as the unique ways that these mysteries unravel before the viewers’ eyes. The showrunners called the second season renewal a dream come true, and assured fans that there are plenty of surprises in store for them in the upcoming season.

The plot of “Dark’s” season 1 centered around the disappearance of a pair of children as unexplained phenomena began happening in a small German town. This setup earned the series comparisons to Netflix’s hit show “Stranger Things,” which premiered its first season in 2016.

However, “Dark” become more than a horror series and explored its science fiction element more deeply, with mind-bending plot twists enough to captivate the imagination of its viewers.

Although the second season has been confirmed, Netflix did not detail when season 2 of “Dark” will begin.