'Daredevil' season 2: next sesdon's The Punisher will be closest to source material, says Steven DeKnight


The second season of Marvel’s Daredevilon Netflix will see the introduction of a number of new familiar characters in the universe of Marvel comics, and one of them is Frank Castle, better known as The Punisher. He will be played by The Walking Dead alum Jon Bernthal.

Former showrunner Steven DeKnight, recently had an interview with Slash Film about The Punisher’s introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While he would not be returning for the second season due to other scheduled projects, he talked about the new version of Punisher coming to the show, and how it will be the version closest to source material.

“The thing about The Punisher,” he said, “and I think there are great things about each of those versions, but none of them was completely the Marvel version.”

“And none of those movies were under the Marvel Studios banner until they recently got The Punisher back,” he added. “So this is really the first time that we’re seeing the Marvel Studios from the Iron Man days, when they can control their own product, actually do this character.”

But will Jon Bernthal’s The Punisher be as violent as the bone seen in the rated R film Punisher: War Zone?

“Doubtful, that was pretty violent. The first season of Daredevil was violent but I always say it was more implied. It wasn’t nearly as violent as The Walking Dead, a show that I love. On that, if somebody were to crush somebody’s head in a car door, you would’ve seen the head crush on screen but we didn’t want to go quite that far. We wanted to keep it right around PG-16 and not go all the way to the R. I have no idea if they’re planning to push it that far next season but I would be surprised.”

The second season of Daredevilwill also introduce Elektra, and will be played by Elodie Yung.