'Dance Moms' season 7 spoilers, news: Will Abby lose her dance studio in upcoming season?

A promotional image for "Dance Moms" (Facebook/DanceMomsOnLifetime)

“Dance Moms” season 6 is still airing on Lifetime, but there’s talk that dance instructor Abby Lee Miller may lose her studio, Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC), because of the bankruptcy fraud charges filed against her. So, what’s going to happen in season 7?

In season 6 episode 30 of the reality show, Abby got a call from dancer/choreographer Debbie Allen and she offered to buy the studio from Abby. Will Abby give up control over her studio? There are also rumors saying Abby may not appear in season 7 as part of the deal with Allen.

It should be noted that Abby’s assistant choreographer Gianna Martello spoke with BuddyTV last month and she said that the dance instructor was going to be in the upcoming season and her legal issues were not going to distract her.

“I think she was just dealing with a lot outside of the dance studio when we were filming that. What I can tell you is we’re about five episodes into season 7, and she has been more helpful and just so into our rehearsals lately. I’d say more so than ever. It’s a complete 360,” she said. “I’m not that familiar with [her legal issues], as I’m not involved in those situations, but she’s fine. She’s still laughing, she’s still crazy and still the same Abby.”

Five episodes into season 7 and she is still running the show. Looks like Abby has things under control for now. Christian Times also reported that the cast and crew of “Dance Moms” are already filming season 7 episode 9 and Abby’s still in charge. She even posted some photos and videos of her girls at the Fierce National Dance Competition in Phoenix, Arizona.

Meanwhile, Abby’s sentencing will be delayed to January 20, 2017, due to a scheduling conflict. This will give Abby a little more breathing room before she has to face her legal issues again.