'Dance Moms' season 7 cast news: Abby Lee Miller confirms new season, dance coach opens doors for new dancers


Despite rumors that “Dance Moms” won’t be renewed for another season, dance coach Abby Lee Miller confirmed on her Instagram account that the Lifetime show will be back for its seventh season.

Abby Lee took to the photo sharing site on Thursday, July 20 and wrote, “Sooooo there is going to be a Season 7! When the show 1st started many people were skeptical, others hated. I just kept doing what I’ve always done made kids that I believed in & cared about even more successful!”

The post was accompanied by a picture announcing that “Dance Moms” is now casting season 7.

“If you have the drive, desire, determination, and self-motivation maybe Dance Moms will be your big break?” Abby Lee continued.

According to the Casting Dance Moms website, the show is seeking dancers aged 7 to 14 and that producers are conducting a nationwide search for “the top competitive dancers in the country.”

It appears that 49-year-old dance coach will need a few good dancers as some of her former troupe members have gone on to work on other projects. Her most successful Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) alumni to date is Maddie Ziegler, who left the show at the end of season 6 along with her younger sister, Mackenzie. Maddie is now a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation” and is about to make her movie debut in “The Book of Henry” this September.

Original ALDC dancer Nia Sioux has also left Abby Lee’s team and is currently starring in the off-Broadway musical “Trip of Love.” In addition to her off-Broadway debut, Nia is watching her singing career take off. She currently has three songs out, two of which have music videos. Her song “Star In Your Own Life” has over 8 million views on YouTube, while “Slay” has 3 million views.

Fans who are familiar with the show know that Abby Lee has a tendency to be tough on her students, as the casting call even asked if those who are interested to join the show “can handle being trained by Abby Lee Miller.” Nia spoke about her former coach in a recent interview with U Interview, saying that she thinks that Abby Lee can be nice when she wants to be.

“She can be nice and I’ve seen her be nice but I guess it’s just when she’s in the mood to be nice,” said Nia.

“Dance Moms” season 7 is expected to premiere in 2017 on Lifetime.