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In the Dance Moms spoilers Instagram account, there was a recent post about the reunion with the caption “the reunion was the last filmed episode for Season 5/5.5! that means there is only one more season according to their 6-season contract. here is a sneak peek of the last set up for interviews!” It likewise announced the kids’ Abby Lee Dance Secrets beta app release. While it’s a kids’ app, it also promises to provide additional information on the Dance Moms since the season 5’s first half arc aired last May 26. Additionally, Abby Lee Miller’s trainees are one pair less for season 6 according to Ecumenical News. Holly and Nia Frazier will no longer be joining them for the second half of season 5 and season 6. 

 The Lifetime TV show that depicts the reality of training the Junior Elite Team aged 10 to 14 years old also shows how their mothers live through the demands of having superstar dancing kids. The heated argument between Miller and mother Holly Frazier in season 5 may have impacted the Frazier pair’s withdrawal from the reality show. The official press release was that Nia Frazier will focus on her musical inclinations, but speculations wonder otherwise.

Interestingly, Miller herself admitted that right at the outset, the show really chose the mothers, and the kids came in as the free bonus for the last five years. This was revealed during her interview uploaded by Mingle Media. She also revealed that the kid cast members receive $2,000 per episode by season 5 in a report by Design and Trend. This was double the amount that they were getting in the first season. While the famous choreographer dished out the details on the kids’ salaries on the show, she remained mum about the moms’ earnings despite her admission that it was the mothers who were picked and not the children for the show.

The second half of the show’s season 5 will return this June 9.