Dance Moms 5 update: Abby Lee Miller mad at 13 year old student Nia Frazier; tells her she won't make it as a singer


Dreams crushed?

Things doesn’t look too well for 13 year old Nia Frazier when she fails to impress her coach Abby Lee Miller by staging her first concert without Miller’s blessing in Episode 21 of Dance Moms Season 5, IBTimes reported.

Nia’s performance will be part of the second installment of the “Dance Moms Down Under” special.

In Episode 20, Abby informed Nia and her mom Abby that they were not going to be part of the ALDC’s fan events in Sydney but Holly made her own plans to train the spotlight on her daughter by having her own concert.

While the concert itself went well, Abby was livid when she found out.

In the promo for the episode, Abby is shown telling Nia and her mom that the teen won’t make it as a singer.

“You are here because I am here. Whatever. I hope you have something to fall back on because this ain’t it kid!” Abby said.

Meanwhile, another one of Dance Moms’ stars recently invested on a million dollar home complete with a dance hall.

According to TMZ, Maddie Ziegler and her mom Melissa Gisoni  sold off their old home to move to the new property, which comes with a dance studio for Maddie, an outdoor swimming pool and a walk in closet. The new two-storey home has a massive garage and an indoor fireplace.

Maddie, who has recently starred in Sia’s music videos like Chandelier , Big Girls Cry and Elastic Heart,  has become of of the Lifetime dance reality series’ most successful stories. Her talent has landed her on appearances in Dancing With the Stars,The Ellen Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live!  

She was also recently added to the cast of ABC Family series, “Pretty Little Liars” although no news has been released about her role, save for some snaps on Instagram.

“I don’t feel that normal anymore because I get recognized, even when I’m just trying to have fun or going to get ice cream with my friends,” she told Telegraph.