Criminal Minds season 11 spoilers: exit of Jennifer Love Hewitt and AJ Cook due to pregnancy, spinoff Breaking Borders cancelled?


Two main cast members will not be returning for the eleventh season of Criminal Minds, while a spinoff series is rumored to be cancelled even before it has aired.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Criminal Minds Executive Producer Erica Messer confirmed that AJ Cook is pregnant and will be absent for a few episodes of Criminal Minds’ eleventh season. The executive producer told Entertainment Weekly that the writers are working to find write around Cook’s absence using the 10th season’s finale as groundwork.

Cook plays main character Jennifer Jareau in the series.

Ecumenical News had also earlier reported that Season 10 addition Jennifer Love Hewitt will be departing from the series in Season 11, also because of pregnancy.

Hewitt had joined the cast of the mystery and law enforcement series in Season 10 as former FBI Agent Kate Callahan. The actress was previously known for her film roles in The Ghost Whisperer and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

The confirmed departure of a cast member has led fans to speculate that the series spinoff, ‘Beyond Borders,’ has been cancelled.

According to the Venture Capital Post, fans feared that the spinoff has been inflicted a premature death after CBS President Nina Tassler announced that actress Anna Gunn has been removed from the cast of Breaking Borders.

Breaking Borders will feature FBI Agents assisting Americans who are in danger in other countries, and will feature veteran actor Gary Sinise together with Daniel Henney, and Tyler James Williams.

The spinoff pilot aired on April 8, and featured Gunn.

However, Tassler told TVLine in an interview that Gunn had been removed from the cast despite playing a huge role in the pilot episode. Instead, Sinise’s character Jack Garrett will fill in Gunn’s role in the spinoff.

“Gary [Sinise] is sort of larger than life and [as Jack Garrett] he filled a lot of the same [needs as Gunn’s character]. But we’re actually going to be adding a couple of new characters” that “speak more to the needs of the franchise,” the CBS executive told TVLine.