'Criminal Minds' season 11 spoilers: BAU hunts down child killer; Morgan pursues his kidnapper for the show's 250th special


Long running police procedural “Criminal Minds” is going on a week-long break and will come back on March 16 with a very good reason. The show is celebrating their 250<sup>th episode with what is dubbed to be a highly emotional and thrilling installment titled “The Sandman.”

The series’ landmark 250th episode kicks off a two-parter. Directed by Joe Mantegna and written by Bruce Zimmerman, “Sandman” features an UnSub who sprinkles sand in his victims’ eyes. “It’s pretty brutal but it’s amazing,” Erica Messer told TV Line when asked about what fans can expect in the special episode.

“And it’s got a great cliffhanger element to take us into [Episode] 251,” she teasingly added. As previously reported, episode 251 will be directed by another cast member, Matthew Gray Gubler, and is written by another cast, Kristen Vangsness, with the help of Messer.

Speaking of Gubler, he previously revealed that the episode that he will be directing will hint on another departure of a cast member. “I am [directing]. There’s a special episode. I almost don’t want to give it away, but I might as well. It’s the departure of one of the regular team members,” the Canadian actor said. Messer has already been asked on the buzz about the show’s change in personnel but he has yet to give anything away.

Meanwhile, Movie News Guide revealed more details about the plot story which will lead the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) to Wichita to investigate an unknown sub who kills children. What is more alarming is that the perpetrator actually abducts the children from their houses at night when their parents are in deep sleep.

Elsewhere in the show, Derek (Shemar Moore) will be hell bent in finding out who kidnapped and subjected him to merciless torture that almost killed him. Fortunately, he was able to use his skills and eventually escape his abductor. Reports revealed that the suspect’s name is Edgar Solomon played by guest star Charles Measure.